Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Gimme The Mic!!!

While there are exceptions to the rule, most of the biggest stars in the wrestling business have been just as good out of the ring as they are in the ring. Being good out of the ring means being good on the mic. After all, it's those classic promos that drew people to the arenas years ago. Even today a compelling story told in an interview, as rare as it may be, can theoretically bring up a pay-per-view buy rate.

It only makes sense that children, so often wanting to emulate their favorite wrestling moves, would want to imitate wrestling catchphrases. Who wouldn't want to challenge the brat next door to a loser-leaves-town match?

While both the WWF/WWE and WCW have had toy microphones as part of various toy lines over the years, the coolest version is one that rarely shows up these days.

The WWF Microphone, produced by PlayTime Products in 1990, is a near-perfect replica of the classic World Wrestling Federation prop.

Featuring the famous WWF yellow block logo on all four sides, the microphone also makes six wrestling sounds when a nine volt battery is inserted. Body Slams, Slaps, Grunts, Crowd Cheers, Bells, and Super Sounds can all be heard at the push of a numbered button. The toy will also enhance the voice of the person using it to imitate the performance of a real microphone.

For whatever reason, this item rarely shows up for sale. Maybe because it really is a nice piece! To find it in it's original box featuring Mean Gene and the Hulkster is even rarer. While it was released to coincide with the debut of the WWF Hasbro toy and action figure line, it should be noted that it is not a part of that collection.

(Clockwise From Top: Gene Okerlund, Sean Mooney, Mike McGuirk, &
Howard Finkel "Interview" Me With The WWF Microphone by Playtime.)

With the all the crazy props, costumes, and foreign objects of pro wrestling, it's a wonder that more "role playing" toys weren't produced over the years.

Then again, if you take a Stormtrooper helmet and some glitter...


Johngy said...

Hey, great stuff. Would you be willing to share the Mike McGuirk pic and story on my site?

J\/\/ said...

Sure would. Infact, I have an exclusive pic for you that'll be different than the one here. I'll send it and a story along to you.

Come As You Are... said...

you just love to brag don't you? lol.