Sunday, August 8, 2010

Fanfest 2010 Rolls On...NWA Championship Style!

Terry Funk. Harley Race. Dory Funk Jr. Mr. Wrestling II. The champions of yesteryear.

Bryan Danielson. Mickie James. Davey Richards. Paul London. The champions of today.

At NWA Fanfest 2010 "Saturday Edition," these superstars and their eras collided in the setting of pure wrestling heaven.

Hundreds of fans were treated to the best of both the old school and new school wrestling worlds. While stars such as Ted DiBiase, Kamala, and Jerry Brisco signed autographs by day, Bryan Danielson challenged NWA World Heavyweight Champion Adam Pearce at night in a match that wowed the rabid audience.

A special thrill to all Fanfest goers was the annual appearance of Ole Anderson. Mr. Anderson is famous for holding court in the lobby, captivating friends and fans with stories from his long and legendary career. Due to health issues, it was much to the chagrin of those fans when originally it was announced that Ole wouldn't be making Fanfest this year. Fortunately, Ole once again thrilled fans just as he did so many years ago, but now words have replaced his backbreaking slams and suplexes.

Clowning with the Paul's--London & Bearer respectively.

Tomorrow will wrap up yet another Fanfest. Autographs, photos, and memories will be taken away from the event, but never taken away from the hearts, minds, and collections of those who received them.

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