Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Starting the New Year with a FREAK OUT...FREAK OUT! Dig it?

If 2011 truly is the year of the "Macho Man," then I'm "thinkin' and thinkin'" that this blog is off to a great start.

A few months ago at the San Diego Comic Con, Mattel announced the signing of the one and only Randy "Macho Man" Savage to their WWE figure line. The company held nothing back, even getting Savage himself to do a short presentation video with the first figure prototype.

Now, barely days into 2011, the figure has hit stores and just may have proven my prediction of being the 2011 Figure of the Year.

To start, this isn't your average WWE Legends figure. While there will be another Savage figure (based upon his '80s look) released shortly in an upcoming Legends line, this is one of the first two releases in the new WWE Defining Moments Collection. Based upon career highlights of the wrestlers, the figures are clad in highly-detailed outfits and packaged in huge window-style boxes. Of course, this amount of detail, cardboard, and clear plastic comes with a price. At a price point of $22.99 in retail stores (more for the "ease" of buying it online) you have to ask yourself..."Was I that big of a Randy Savage fan?"

Allow me to start off by making two bold statements. Not only is this the best figure Mattel has produced to date in their year with the WWE license, but this is also the best figure of Savage ever produced.

If you can bring yourself to open the rather attractive packaging, you'll immediately notice that the material used on the (removable) jacket is very high quality. The textures are just as you would've imagined them feeling if you were able to slide on the WrestleMania VII costume for yourself. From the silver sash on top of his cowboy hat to the long white sleeve tassels, Mattel definitely wanted to make a splash on Savage's first figure in a decade. But how about those shades? Underneath, only the second shade-less Savage face ever produced in figure form. The result? Perfection. Even the holes to hold the shades on blend into his hairline nicely.

Articulation on the figure is standard as with most Mattel figures. The dreaded torso joint is present, but I can overlook it with this figure especially considering that it will be displayed with the jacket on for most collectors. The Mattel figure stand also makes a return, this time molded in a light gold plastic. The name card reads "Macho Man" as does the front of the package. On the back of the box "Defining Moment" synopsis the figure is identified as "Macho King." Technically both are correct, as Savage entered the match as "King" and left as "Man." If only we had an Elizabeth... Don't hold your breath.

While I can't say that I'll endorse the price on other stars in the line (E.G. Shawn Michaels) who have had many "deluxe" style figures in the past, the "Macho Man" is well worth it. This is an absolutely amazing figure that any collector should be proud to own. Whether you keep it in the package or simply cannot resist the temptation to open it, you will be satisfied as a collector and Randy Savage fan. As for autograph collectors, the question remains if Savage will finally resurface, in this "year of the Macho Man," to sign these awesome pieces. Time will certainly tell.

In the meantime...
"Sensational Queen Sherri--lead the way! Oooooh Yeah!"

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