Thursday, October 20, 2016

Who Can Defeat Braun Strowman?

As we continue with what will end up being "Mattel Month" here on the blog, we take a look at a different kind of wrestler. Tyler Breeze and Magnum T.A. who were previously featured could be considered flashy heartthrobs in their respective eras. Now, as we approach Halloween, we look at some stars who scare and intimidate both opponents and audiences. As far as modern day WWE goes, the man featured today may be the biggest monster currently on the roster. A former (?) member of the Wyatt Family, the big man is none other than Braun Strowman.

This is Strowman's first Mattel Elite figure, although he did have a Basic release that is considered his "First Time In The Line." As with the other figures of the Wyatt Family, there are reasons why collectors will absolutely want to go "Elite" with Strowman. I don't always feel the need to purchase the "Elite" version of every single one of the current WWE characters. When it comes to the members of the Wyatt Family, their accessories are almost part of them. It just wouldn't feel complete without the masks, shirts, chairs, and lanterns.

Braun is packaged in the standard 2016 Elite window box. Being such a huge man, the figure is likewise large and hefty. There is absolutely no "floating" going on here. Braun fits well in the window, which is good if you're planning on keeping it in the package. The figure includes the "Black Sheep" mask which, at the time of design, Strowman was still wearing. It's a fun accessory that we'll explore more in a bit. I don't really see the need for any more accessories between the mask and the fact that the figure is so big. If it fills up the box, it's worth the "Elite" price.

The likeness is good. It looks like Strowman and as far as I can tell mostly new parts were used for the body. As mentioned above, the figure is immense. This is one that, as I like to say, you feel you're really getting your money's worth with. He definitely measures up to the other "giants" of the Mattel WWE line, and it's fun to compare them. He's getting his run as a "monster" right now, and it will be fun to see just who will "slay the dragon," so to speak. WWE is doing a good job rebuilding him after he really didn't make much of an impact upon his initial introduction.

The "Black Sheep" mask is indeed here in the Elite release. It's actually just a remold of the previous mask released with Erick Rowan. The indentations inside that allowed it to fit so snugly on Rowan are even still there. Besides the color, the big difference is that it is made of a more pliable material to allow it to stretch over the sides of Strowman's head/hair and fit on. It doesn't fit quite as easily as the one with Rowan, but it works. No complaints.

The figure may be a bit outdated, but if you want to continue building the Wyatt Family, you need it. There likely won't be any further releases with the mask as future Braun figures will probably mirror his current look as the resident monster of Monday Night Raw. The movement of the figure isn't the best due to the massive features, but it's Braun Strowman. You weren't looking for a cruiserweight, were you? Braun is a classic "big man" wrestler who should only improve over time. Honestly, his promos that remind me of a biker side-character in a '70s or '80s action flick are kinda winning me over.

Next week, we go from Braun Strowman to another monster of the mat. This one is a blast from the past, but it won't set the world on fire...or maybe it will. Regardless, this beast is going to be flying all over the place...

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