Thursday, September 28, 2017

TJP: More Thrilling As A Toy...I Promise

There's no doubt that TJ Perkins, or "TJP," is a typical cruiserweight wrestler. High flying moves, thrilling risk-taking, and plenty of speed. The problem is that since his victory in the CWC (Cruiserweight Classic) Tournament, there just hasn't been much reaction to him. As in none. Crickets. Since the tournament, something about him has just not connected with audiences. Maybe it's him, maybe it's the way he's presented, or maybe it's the "8-bit" entrance (which I happen to like). Regardless, his debut action figure is here and on shelves now.

The figure is the latest in the "WWE Network Spotlight" series exclusive to Toys "R" Us. This is a figure in the Elite style, and the packaging is similar to the normal Elite figures, though I prefer the color scheme on these exclusives. It's a bit more adult in nature with the darker tones. While I'm usually a fan of brighter colors, it works here since it's red. It actually does make you think of the WWE Network menus and presentation.

The figure is packaged with both the Cruiserweight Classic medallion and the new WWE Cruiserweight Championship belt (sorry, Vince). I'm always a fan of when new, different, and unique accessories hit the line. I'm sure that some don't care for the Cruiserweight Championship color scheme, but I've been a fan since day one. It's something different and in the WWE Universe that can often be difficult to find, especially with championship designs.

The figure itself is a nice debut, and captures Perkins about as well as possible. The facial likeness is solid and I can think of no complaints. The attire is very vibrant and does appear to match his Cruiserweight Classic-winning outfit. The body parts used match TJP's real-life physique and the scale seems to be fairly spot on, too. As nice as the figure is though, we can be honest when admitting that he probably would not have been in an exclusive line such as this if not to debut the great accessories.

Speaking of accessories, I do believe that an upcoming Neville figure will include the Cruiserweight Championship as well. As far as the medallion, this could be your only shot. I have no doubt that TJP will receive another figure down the line, probably in basic form. This figure is "hot" right now, so if you see it, grab it. Still doesn't jive with those cricket-filled reactions, though...

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