Thursday, May 10, 2018

A Big Bully...Who Was A Great Guy

It's been a tough couple of months for names associated with wrestling in the Steel City. First Johnny Valiant's tragic death, followed by the unexpected passing of the all-time Pittsburgh wrestling legend Bruno Sammartino. Now, Nick Busick, best remembered as Big Bully Busick, has died after a long battle with cancer.

Busick got his start in Pittsburgh in the late 70s, Though he was largely a preliminary wrestler in many areas, that made him no less a name among fans and peers alike. His most remembered stints would likely be in the GWF and, of course, the WWF.

The cigar-chomping Bully's run in the World Wrestling Federation, managed by Harvey Wippleman, was brief but memorable. He had matches with many of the WWF's top stars including Bret Hart and Sid Justice. His run yielded two trading cards in a European set produced by Merlin, as well as inclusion in the 1991 Survivor Series program as he was originally scheduled to be part of the event.

In the Pittsburgh and West Virginia area, Busick was a familiar face. He made various appearances at wrestling, mixed martial arts, and bodybuilding events over the years. Despite being a "Big Bully," Busick had a way of making everyone feel like an old friend, or even part of the family that he cherished so much. Welcoming one and all to his personal Facebook page, his love for his family was regularly waved like a flag.

It was also on social media that many fans learned of his cancer battle, which he was also not shy about. Few put up a braver fight against the dreaded disease, which I'm sure he raised awareness of as he often talked about.

From bodybuilder to wrestler to police officer to family man, Busick was another role model in the vein of Sammartino. His friends and family have a lot to be proud of when remembering "The Bully..."

"Big Bully" Nick Busick


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