Thursday, June 14, 2018

A Slammy Award Winning Product

Since the days of the LJN WWF Wrestling Superstars line, wrestling figures have had fun accessories. Belts, foreign objects, even pets. One accessory, around since the LJN era, has eluded the hands of wrestling figures even when one legendary star was noted for carrying one (or two) to the ring. There has even been a full scale replica released. That missing item? The Slammy Award. Finally, over thirty years after the introduction of the coveted award, Mattel has enabled figures everywhere to "take home" that very trophy.

Though the accessory was originally released as a bonus with specially marked "Basic" WWE figures, Mattel wasn't done there. As part of the Toys "R" Us WWE Network Spotlight series, a playset called "Slammy Awards Anarchy" was produced. Similar in style and packaging to the "WWE Behind The Scenes Brawl" set from a few years ago, this release is another environment that figures can be posed with away from the ubiquitous ring. The design is based upon the more recent Slammy Award ceremonies held on RAW. They weren't quite as interesting as the '80s events of the same name, but then again, Kaye Fabe was the director in those days. No one could top her work.

The meat and potatoes here is the backdrop. It's essentially three pieces consisting of a "curtain" piece and two "glass" ends, one of which has breakaway panels. You also receive a podium with microphone, breakaway announce table, one Slammy Awards-labeled chair, a camera, and, of course, a Slammy Award for good measure. An additional Slammy instead of the camera would have been better, but I guess we're looking at "play value" for the kiddies here. If you feel the need for additional trophies, the "chase" figures that included them can be found at below retail prices all around the Internet.

The backdrop is cool looking, although again I could have done without the "play value" with the breakable window. Still, we probably aren't ever getting a Barber Shop set, so you could have Shawn dispose of Marty this way. A cardboard Slammy Awards sign fits above the backdrop. It looks good enough in photos, but appears sort of cheap in person. Most kids would bend this thing in five seconds. The podium is the same one that was included with the Bruno Sammartino figure aside from being molded in a deeper blue color. This is still one of my favorite Mattel accessories to date, so it's cool to see it reused.

The announce table adds a lot, as it is always a coveted accessory. It seems to stay together a bit better than the one included with Shane McMahon. Perhaps the only thing that would have been better if included was one of the larger-than-life Slammy Award trophies that once adorned the stage, even making WWE Hall of Fame ceremony appearances for a few years. Tony Atlas claims that a famous photo taken of him slamming Hulk Hogan was used as the reference for designing the Slammy Award. Whether or not that fact is true, it did make for an impressive cover of Pro Wrestling Illustrated.

This is a fun set that is still to be found at some Toys "R" Us stores as the chain fades into memory. Due to the uniqueness, I could definitely see demand and value rising over the years as collectors decide that they want to add a little "anarchy" to their collections. Even the legends would look cool displayed here. With the amazing "King" Harley Race figure being released by Mattel this year, you could even recreate his infamous 1987 Slammy Award brawl with "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan. Gorilla Monsoon and livestock sadly not included.

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