Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hitting The Home Stretch To Fanfest 2011

Over the past couple of months it's come to my attention that many readers have discovered this blog while searching for information on NWA Fanfest. Although the best route for info on the event is the official site, I'm very happy to know that people are getting to see first hand perspectives of the last two Fanfest weekends right here. It really isn't a hard message to convey. For those who've experienced the event before, you know that the memories alone are enough to keep you coming back each year. You also aren't getting any sleep this week in anticipation of this year's installment.

It seems like everyone has that one particular item of interest at Fanfest. The event is designed to appeal to all wrestling fans. If one activity or name isn't your personal cup of tea, ten other options will be offered to your liking. Not an autograph fan? How about a photo opportunity with your favorite star? Interactive question and answer session? Live wrestling card? Each and every wrestling fan will go home satisfied.

While there are names who've become "staples" at Fanfest over the years, promoter Greg Price goes above and beyond to include stars who may not only be brand new to this event but to any wrestling convention. Later this week in Atlanta, most fans will get their first opportunity to meet legendary ladies star Leilani Kai.

From being one of The Fabulous Moolah's top pupils in the 1970's to runs as WWF Women's Champion and co-holder of the WWF Women's Tag Team Championship in the 1980's, Kai has made very few public appearances in recent years. Fanfest will reunite Kai not only with her fans but also former "Glamour Girl" partner Judy Martin.

"Greg Price called me and suggested that I be a part of Fanfest. Greg is a long time friend and top notch promoter," said Kai. "Also, I've heard stories from dear friends and fans about how much fun the event is. It gives us a chance to spend time with friends and fans alike."

Meeting the stars themselves is always the top thrill, but seeing them reunite with former friends and colleagues can be equally as thrilling. Ms. Kai says that she has heroes that she herself looked up to in the business.

"Penny Banner, Ann Casey, Joyce Grable, Steve Regal," recalled Kai. "The Honky Tonk Man is (also) a great performer who I always enjoyed watching."

It cannot be understated that Fanfest is more than just obtaining an autograph. The weekend is designed to be able to chat and share some memories with your favorite star. Questions ranging from "Would you consider a return to the ring?" to "Do you still follow the sport?" are often asked.

"Wrestling is a sport that most don't ever retire from," offered Kai. "I keep my eyes on all the talent out there and there are more than a few lady wrestlers that I would love to step in the ring with. Santana G, The Great Cheyenne, and Sara Del Rey all come to mind."

Ms. Kai obviously has her mind on the future both in and out of the ring. Her fans are simply grateful that the former WWF and NWA champion will be coming out to meet them. If hearing from the legend herself still isn't enough to bring you to Atlanta, she would like to pass along a message.

"Thank you for the support that you have given me over the years. For anyone that can't make it this year to Atlanta, next year's Fanfest is in Charlotte August 2nd-5th, 2012."

The Hawaiian Princess of wrestling has her pulse on Fanfest, shouldn't you?

Visit for more information. See you in Atlanta!

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