Thursday, September 3, 2015

Revisiting The Danger Zone...

After years and years of collecting this stuff, it's come to an interesting head. Nowadays, it's the more bizarre and wacky the better as far as items that I like to add to my collection. Seeing as how bizarre and wacky wrestling can get at times, it's no surprise that many items exist that reflect those words. That's probably why many of the items that were put out by Jim Crockett Promotions in the 1980's really appeal to me. JCP loved producing shirts and bandanas but didn't always seem to understand their target demographic. That's where the 1988 Danger Zone Calendar comes into the picture.

Many remember the classic commercial that played at the beginning of the Turner Home Video wrestling cassette releases as well as on television. Starrcade and Great American Bash videos, complete with Jim Cornette's famous scaffold bump, were pushed to no end. In addition to those event tapes, a compilation known as The Danger Zone was offered. As an extra bonus, fans were given a special 1988 Danger Zone swimsuit calendar with their order. The sizzling shot of a bikini-clad Missy Hyatt on the cover may have drawn in many male fans, but the inside probably made very few bedroom walls.

You see, aside from Missy Hyatt and Precious, the swimsuit calendar was filled with the male stars of NWA Wrestling. This favored many female and maybe even some male fans, but the majority of NWA viewers were probably less than pleased. In all honesty, the calendar is well-produced and rivaled any calendar that the WWF released at the time as far as quality. It's full-sized, has a fantastic glossy cover, and even promotes the aforementioned Turner Home Video releases on the back. It's just...full of gents.

Looking at it from another angle, it does reflect the large amount of talent that filled the company at the time, shortly after Crockett's buyout of the Universal Wrestling Federation. One wonders why some other female talent who either had been or were affiliated with Jim Crockett Promotions at the time weren't contacted to be part of it. Certainly the male-to-female ratio could have been evened up a bit with a little bit of Dark Journey or Misty Blue Simmes. Why it ended up the way that it did was anyone's guess. Perhaps they were just looking to offer "something for everyone."

Nevertheless, female fans of Shane Douglas, The New Breed, "Sweet" Stan Lane, Michael P.S. Hayes, "Hotstuff" Eddie Gilbert, "Gorgeous" Jimmy Garvin, Terry Taylor, Barry Windham, Mike Rotundo, Sting, and "Dr. Death" Steve Williams had to be satisfied. Those looking for Animal, Hawk, Arn Anderson, and JJ Dillion were disappointed. It's just one of those things. In fact, it's one of those bizarre and wacky things in the world of wrestling memorabilia that I wouldn't change for the world...aside for maybe a shot of Baby Doll and the envelope.

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