Thursday, March 24, 2011

He Looks To The Future, But He Won't Forget The Past...

March 22, 2009. It's hard to believe that I've authored this blog for two years now. When looking back on that time only two words immediately spring to mind: Thank You.

The blog actually sprouted from a concept born way back in 1997. In the early days of the "modern" era of the Internet I had my own online newsletter devoted to wrestling collectibles. Re-reading the only issue still known to exist, it's very obvious that this is the work of a high school kid and various "guest" authors. That said, the newsletter had a huge and very loyal following. Seeing as that up until I began this blog I still occasionally heard from former readers of the newsletter, it must have left some impression on collectors.

When dreaming up the blog, I decided to continue to follow the same two principles that I imposed in the newsletter: to inform and entertain. While I felt that each entry should contain information that could prove interesting to the reader, every writer knows that in order to keep the reader enthralled you simply have to entertain. If you're reading this blog in the first place, you're obviously already entertained by the concepts presented in the world of professional wrestling. My work was cut out for me.

I also decided that instead of concentrating on breaking news, the blog would instead analyze and expound on said news. Reviews of new products, memories of past collectibles, and of course the MarketWatch (my apologies to CBS) entries detailing the latest in auction prices are all concepts that became the foundation of the blog.

Most of all, the blog is here because it's fun. My sincerest hope is that reading the blog is as fun as it is to maintain. Between the blog, the Facebook Fanpage with nearly four hundred readers, and constant communication, I feel that we have created a community based on love for the sport of kings and the great memorabilia celebrating it.

With WrestleMania XXVII right around the corner, interest in wrestling collectibles will inevitably pique for a week or so. If you're just finding us--welcome! Whether you are a new or longtime reader, please let me know what you would like to see here! More reviews? More profiles on the stars and their individual collectibles? Vintage items or new swag? More on encounters with the wrestlers? It's all up to you.

From getting to live a lifelong dream of joining the crew of writers with Pro Wrestling Illustrated to being able to share memories of such wonderful people like Sir Oliver Humperdink, you have enabled me to do this. If you folks weren't enjoying it, I would have no reason to continue.

Once again, thank you. I believe the best is yet to come.

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Posi Jeff The Record Guy said...

Thank you for this blog and all the hard work you put into it. The market watch is a great idea, and I would love to see more vintage collectibles. Although finding something you never knew existed from a few years ago is fun as well. From a fellow wrestling collector, keep on the great work!