Monday, January 25, 2010

RIP The First Lady of Wrestling Journalists

Sadly, my first blog post of the year is a sorrowful one. I felt it would only be proper to note the passing of Mrs. Georgiann Makropolous.

Mrs. Makropolous was a friend to many in the industry and many, many fans as well. She could easily be called the First Lady of wrestling journalists.

She began in the '60s, as a fan, and got her start not only writing in many early wrestling publications but by running fan clubs for wrestlers, a hobby very prevalent in those days. Her fan club for Bruno Sammartino cultivated a life-long friendship with the former world champion.

Later on, Mrs. Makropolous was the editor of the newsletter entitled "The Wrestling Chatterbox" and became known to a whole new generation of fans and collectors through her extensive work on the website.

Her work on the aforementioned website was invaluable to fans like myself, as were her numerous contests where she gave away anything from autographs and action figures to tickets to shows and conventions.

Sharp-eyed viewers should be able to spot Mrs. Makropolous sitting ringside at so many of the '70s and '80s Madison Square Garden shows. A true testament to her respect in the industry is captured forever on celluloid, as she actually gets a knowing "high-five" from none other than The Fabulous Moolah during the height of Moolah's kayfabe villainary at a '70s MSG show.

Our condolences to her family and friends.

She will be missed.