Wednesday, May 12, 2010

J\/\/'s Big Adventure

Not really an informative entry tonight, but rather some follow-ups and "bidness...if you weeeeeeell..." as "The Dream" might say.

Not sure how it came off on television, but the final wrestling show at the Pittsburgh Civic Arena, this past Monday's Raw telecast, was a lot of fun in person. The shirt was nice, although I'd have liked images from the Arena rather than stock photos of current WWE stars. No video package to speak of, although John Cena did have a nice speech after the dark match main event of Cena vs Batista.

A pensive looking fan models the shirt at the conclusion of
Monday Night Raw's Main Event on 5-10-10.

This weekend is the bi-annual Legends of the Ring convention in New Jersey. This is the tenth such event and it will feature a heavy TNA presence. Jeff Jarrett, Dixie Carter, and Jeff Hardy are just three TNA names that will be there. Myself and my crew, the legendary Pittsburgh Posse, will be on hand as well. If you see us, please say hi!

On a final note, I feel it's time to make a rather huge announcement. Growing up, friends and family who knew my passion for pro wrestling always asked if I wanted to be a wrestler. I never had that urge. Even at a young age, I knew that I simply couldn't take the pain, training, and lifestyle. I did have a feeling, though, that someday I'd be able to contribute to the business in some form.

I started this blog because it combined so many of my interests. Writing. Wrestling. Wrestling collectibles. I had no idea if anyone would want to read it, but so many of you did. You all enjoyed it, and apparently I did a decent job at it. I thank all of you for that. If you guys didn't like it, I wouldn't have been motivated to continue it.

Due to a few chance happenings, I caught the attention of a magazine I grew up reading. That magazine is the one and only Pro Wrestling Illustrated. I'm very happy to report that in a short time, some of my work will begin to appear in that very magazine, and possibly it's sister publications The Wrestler and Inside Wrestling, as well. For once, I cannot put into words how exciting this is for me. It was torture not to be able to share this when I found out, but I simply wanted to iron out all of the details first. Keep your eyes on these pages, and of course our Facebook page, for the latest info on when J\/\/ hits the pages of the greatest wrestling magazine of all time.

Again...thank you, and I hope to meet some of you this weekend!


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Johngy said...

This is great. Congrats!!! You'll have to send me another picture/story for my site!

J\/\/ said...


I'd love to!

Horror Movie BBQ said...

this will be a great weekend, to be assured. Can't wait to see you guys again! Have a safe trip.

J\/\/ said...

You as well!