Thursday, December 22, 2022

Merry Christmas 2022!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! It’s also nearing the END of the year, thank goodness. I’m not sorry to see this one go and I’m sure that many of you are in the same boat. So what do we want next year? Sticking with the theme of the blog, why not list The Five Figure Wishes For 2023?!? Well, they’re my figure wishes, anyway. Some have a shot at happening. Others are nothing more than a pipe dream. The reality is that anything is possible with everything that we’ve seen come to pass and fall into our hands over the past few years. Remember…

“I believe. I believe. It’s silly, but I believe.” – Susan Walker

*For figure collectors it looks like PowerTown is going to be taking up a lot of their head space in 2023. The possibilities are endless and what we’ve seen so far is promising. Figure collectors will finally be able to have Verne Gagne versus Lou Thesz in 2023? It’s truly unreal. I’m not the only collector who has been appreciating PowerTown not jumping the gun on announcements. We have other, less-than-professional outfits, announcing dozens and dozens of figures when they’ve barely shipped any product. It’s a disgrace, really. But PowerTown has kept me optimistic for the “boutique era” going into the next year. The one announcement made in addition to their main lineup was that they will also produce a line of Remco-branded figures to match the legendary AWA line. Seeing as that many involved in that line are now involved in PowerTown it was a no-brainer. My wish? Verne. Not young Verne, either. I want Verne just as he appeared in the ‘80s to fit perfectly with Nick, Greg, Stan and all the rest that Remco brought us decades ago.

*Speaking of PowerTown, let’s talk about their main lineup. The first six were solid and we have heard whispers here and there of others who are eligible for production. A twosome that I personally spoke with about the matter has been at the top of my “I need their figures!” list for years. Of course I’m talking about The Glamour Girls, Judy Martin & Leilani Kai. As you’ve read here in the blog before, the legendary female team are truly pumped that they’ll finally have official figures. I know that myself and many other collectors would like to see them represented at any point in their careers, but I’m thinking that figures from The Glamour Girls era would sell best. Glamour is what we want.

*The gold outfits of The Glamour Girls greatly resembled the shimmer of a character who came along a few years later, the one and only Goldust. We’ve seen countless figures of Dustin Rhodes in the Goldust attire as well as similar costumes. Sadly, only one figure of Dustin Rhodes himself was ever produced. It’s way beyond time to modernize “The Natural” in figure form. Currently signed to AEW, Dustin is seemingly a no-brainer for their AEW Luminaries line which, thus far, has been kind of disappointing. I still haven’t found the urge to pick up Chris Jericho cosplaying as Susan “Tex” Green and where is a young Tony Schiavone? There are also rumblings that the line is headed for failure, though it may just be fan speculation. Dustin could definitely begin to make things right…

*Speaking of making things right, how wronged has Adrian Adonis been over the years? One figure in thirty five years? For a man at his level of talent it’s a disgrace. His family has begun making a presence on social media and keeping his name alive. I hope that this translates into some figures. Again, I would choose PowerTown. Most collectors want both “biker” Adrian from earlier in his career and the classic “Adorable” Adrian from the latter. Mattel, which has become vomit-inducing in their pandering to the blithering idiots who are “offended” by anything, wouldn’t make The Adorable One even if they had the rights. Let’s go with PowerTown. This is a man who hasn’t gotten his due. Keen fans and collectors will note that we’re actually getting an accessory in Series 1 that also involves Adonis. Maybe in the inevitable PowerTown Series 1 review I’ll give the answer…

*One guy who’s gotten plenty of figures yet always needs more in my book is, you guessed it, “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes. Was there any doubt? Yes, we’ve been getting a new Dusty figure for the past several years now, but there’s a lot more room to explore. Now that Cody is back with WWE I feel that The Dream’s legacy will stay there, too. How about a later years Dusty like the one that Jakks gave us? “Hard Times” Dusty? That seems to be up Mattel’s alley as far as recreating classic moments. How about a new retro figure? Seeing as that the Hasbro figure is one of the more famous in the line, it seems as if Mattel would want to get in on that fame. None may match up to The Art of Jason Wulf custom figure shown here (complete with splotch!), but I’m sure something suitable could be done.

In all seriousness, wrestling figures and memorabilia mean nothing in the grand scheme of things. They’re a pleasant diversion to the daily trials and tribulations that we all face throughout the year. My true holiday wish for the new year is health and happiness for my friends, family and all of you.

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