Thursday, December 28, 2023

Looking to the future…

Another year has passed. The fifteenth active year of this blog to be exact, though the actual fifteenth anniversary itself isn’t until 3/22/24. I set a blog goal for myself this year that I actually surpassed. I wanted to go back to the weekly format and stick to it. Thanks to a few “extra” happenings I actually surpassed that. If you read any or all of those entries I truly and sincerely thank you. Every bit of feedback, whether it be in some private comment or even a social media “like,” means the world to me. It means that what I’ve done here has in some way entertained, informed or enlightened and that is what I’d always set out to do since day one.


I didn’t advertise this entry on any social media entities for a reason. It’s an entry that only needs to be read by the “diehards,” if any such readers exist for this blog. If you automatically come here on your own, then it’s information that you’d be interested in. If you don’t, you may come across it eventually or just wonder “hey, what happened to that guy?” In 2024 I’ve decided to “pull back” a bit. That’s both personally and in public forums such as this. A time for reevaluation on all fronts. I absolutely detest “I’ve had enough, I’m leaving” announcements that folks make on social media. No one cares and the people that respond as such are the only ones being truthful. Instead I’ll try to give you more of an “update.”


The truth of the matter is that I’ve done everything that I’d set out to do, and probably more, with this blog. It got me some recognition in the early days, helped me realize my dream of writing for the magazines before they became all but extinct and gave me some recognition among other wrestling fans and collectors which is always nice. I can keep on doing what I’ve been doing, but it’s repetition. One can only take me talking about Dusty, The King and Bruno so many times.


I set out to give friendly and lighthearted looks at the topics that I covered. Sadly, that just doesn’t work anymore. The world has changed. Some pinpoint it all the way back to 9/11. I think that I’d go a little beyond that, but it’s just a different place. The key to success in this day and age is being an asshole. There’s no way around it. I don’t know if I speak for every genre, but look at who’s making it big now covering what I cover or even those who cover the wrestling business in general. Assholes. Some with knowledge, some without. If they’re not an asshole then they speak in ridiculous slang or act like they’re edgy when, ultimately, they’re talking about toys or other items coming from a product that’s always, like it not, been aimed at children. Then there are those who’ve literally bought their way into your consciousness. They spent their money to get in, you, in turn, spent your money on them and they’ve literally insulted you and laughed in your face. You know exactly what I’m talking about and, unless you’re in denial, hopefully you’re feeling a bit of shame for letting yourself be used like that.


I’ve never talked down to anyone that’s honored me with following my content. While I’ll admit to winning for a long time going by that belief, my successes have indeed stagnated. Add that to the fact that I’m a creative person who’s never had an outlet for creativity that’s truly been sustainable. That’s ultimately the great trick in being creative. I never made money on this. The reward was entertaining and enlightening you, which I mentioned above.


I’m sure that a few of you still get that from this blog, but it’s time for something else. I don’t know what that is. I don’t feel that the blog is completely ending. Again, I think that 2024 is a great time for reevaluation. I doubt that there will be fifty-five entries in this coming year. There may not even be five. There may be an entirely new format or maybe another project altogether. I’ll even be pulling back from most of the social media associated with the blog. That being said, I implore you to watch out for updates. If you enjoyed the run thus far and have stuck with me I can promise you that I’ll put even more of myself into whatever follows. The trick is figuring out what that is.


Again, thank you all for all of the support over the past decade and a half.


Loneman1 said...

Good luck on whatever comes your way man! I've been following your blog for a number of years now off and on (as life permits), and its always been a fun ride. Looking forward to the next phase if that is what is meant to be!

Neos said...

Sad to see that the blog won't be as active as it once was but I guess all good things must come to and end (or in this case, a sporadic semi-retirement?) In the age where long form text is becoming less and less common and vlogs and podcasts are the new medium I always enjoyed having this blog to go to when I wanted to read a review about some new wrestling figures, or hear some stories about the history of memorabilia. I don't know how much longer you plan on posting on this blog but I'll be here till the wheels fall off, cheers