Sunday, April 5, 2009

My Personal Favorite WrestleMania Item

For WrestleMania Sunday--my personal favorite WrestleMania collectible. Being that WrestleMania VI is my favorite 'Mania, it's fitting that the item depicts "The Ultimate Challenge."

This is a promotional cardboard standee. Since it touts the show being on pay-per-view rather than ticket sales, I imagine this was something that stood in cable company offices...back in the days when you could go in to your "local cable company" (an antiquated idea) and pay your bill right then and there.

I acquired a number of items from my local cable provider back then, but this actually came to me only a few years ago. It's nicely die-cut, and not very large (I positioned it infront of some carded LJNs to give an idea of the size) so it's easy to display.

I've never seen another one, although I'm sure there are more out there, and you can't help but hear Vince McMahon's voice-over open to WrestleMania VI while staring at it...

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Horror Movie BBQ said...

Nice piece. Usually those would have been either in cable company lobbys, or video stores. Sadly, half of the time they were thrown out or they "snuck out the back door". That's why a lot of these items are in such high demand. I love that piece, I once saw a promotional pin of the same thing on ebay years ago, and I wish I would have bought it.