Thursday, November 25, 2010

"Gobble...Gobble..."--Gorilla Monsoon

Ah, the magic of Thanksgiving's wrestling tradition. From being the original date of Starrcade to later being taken over by the Survivor Series, the American holiday was once one of the highest grossing days for the wrestling industry.

While today's superstars get to celebrate the holiday at home, it was not long ago when after a day of cooking and eating, the family would pack into the car to celebrate Thanksgiving evening with a night of wrestling action.

The last time that live (wrestling taped at an earlier date does not count) wrestling was presented on a wide scale on Thanksgiving night would've been twenty years ago for the fourth annual WWF Survivor Series. The event included the debut of The Undertaker, the last time the original members of Demolition would together grace WWF rings, and the one and only time a "Grand Finale Match of Survival" occurred as the main event. All of these highlights could only be overshadowed by one thing...

The debut of The Gobbledy Gooker. And for all of you, on this Thanksgiving, I give you the gift of seeing the authentic autograph of the big bird himself...hatched 20 years ago and still going strong.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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